Nouvelle collection

performative show

Ecole des beaux arts de paris

march 7, 2017

‘PIETà’, 2017, t-shirt déchiré Violence Domestiqué, Chocker Vaginal (métal, cheveux, miroir, velours), performance (modèles : Julia Taranova & Sébastien Larrère)

photo : Alex Huanfa Cheng

make-up : @makeupforeveracademy  




The group exhibition is taking place in the context of Paris fashion week as a form of an answer to its esthetic and ethic hegemony. Held in a form of a catwalk, the show presents clothes and accessories conceptualized and produced by artists. 

I presented performance PIETà which is a performative catwalk, a vagina chocker (jewelry piece )  and a T-shirt produced naturally during a scene of domestic violence.