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if only i could be fisherman of souls


sculptures: ready-mades, drawings, photography

open studios at Garage residency


how does this hold? - a question

i'm asking myself since

a while, trying to withdraw

from text as a premise


in search for non-referential space


for intimacy of

surfaces and objects


for relations between them that emerge for a reason other then visualization, 


or coincidence

*the installation is conceived

as part of research

on the notion of Truth

sculpture #1. 


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sculpture #1. detail.

Изображение 3-min.jpeg

sculpture #2. 

detail / drawing on paper / the body as surface is the state before and after production 

sculpture #2. 

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sculpture #3. 

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Изображение JPEG-CC9020F4FF3C-1-min.jpeg

sculpture #4. 

detail: drawing on glass

sculpture #4. 

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sculpture #5. 

detail / drawing on paper: the same as the origin of fatigue


sculpture #5. detail.