end of melancolia

performance // set of videos // 15 min

gallery na shabolovke 

december 11, 2016

for the finissage of the show 'politics of fragility'

curator borya klushnikov

Depressive condition is experienced in some way by almost all people, and the majority still considers this condition to be manifestation of individual  weakness. Within a framework of the exhibition (which also includes an educational program) the public is proposed to reconsider their attitude to the notion of depression, to study this condition as a result of global problems and to learn more about historical and economical reasons of its wide occurrence.


Borya Klushnikov, curator: «The fact that people and things can get broken remains outside the bounds of our knowledge and experience and triggers a sensation of force majeure. People and objects which surround us are perceived as «active agents» driven by desire. Everyone’s moral duty is to show effectiveness and velocity,  demonstrate will, sociability and inclusiveness, while any failure is considered as personal fault, an individual responsibility of each and every one.


We break,  exploit, render inoperable systems that surround us mainly because we remain senseless to the weakness and limited plasticity of the world.


In the framework of the project «Politics of fragility» artists and intellectuals present possibilities of repolitization of the category of fragility in the contemporary world. The question which is brought in is simple: how can we rethink nonviolence, incapacity and non-involvement positively, i.e. as a gesture and not as a pure negativity?»*

*from the facebook event

End of melancolia

is a performative lecture (app. 15 mins) which I staged on the day of finissage of the project. It is a set of scripted and performed failures which are perceived as accidental and provoke discomfort.

Public's tension caused by artist's perpetual fiasco grows stronger as none of her attempts to start and develop the lecture have any success. This deliberately failed act of speech nevertheless have potential to create successful and meaningful utterance if the very notion of success is rethought within a far more flexible framework of expectations*


*failed expectations is one of the core reasons named during narration of depressed condition 

screenshots from various videos used during the performance

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