Piece for resistance

Others’ Dialogue On Revolution 




Memory. Document. Testimony. Image. Conversation.

We transform inscriptions to the paraphrase, common to individual, private - to collective. After each talk a piece of text vanishes from the wall, transforming from an act of vandalism to an act of speech, from exclamation to voice, from sign to meaning. People choose a word / a phrase / a sign / a pictogram from the wall and talk it over, they take it as an object, they narrate it and they paint it out with white paint. The word-object desappears. The trace remains. 








For the following 14 days artists were present in the gallery during 12 hours each day. Anybody could come, sit at a table with me and engage into a conversation. Every talk lasted from 40 minutes up to three hours. After each conversation the words and the signs from the walls that served as refer- ence-points for conversations were painted out with white semi-transparent paint. Day by day, phrase by phrase the walls were being cleaned up, writ- ten words were disappearing through vocalization and narration. 



In a line there is an infinite possibility of movement. Form, logos, creation, vector.


Apollonistic forming orientation.


In a point there is calm, zero. Calmness is dangerous - it puts you asleep. Concentration and line create a cosmic


tension: another vision and possibility to see differently


Process of nomination is repressive. Condition of choice for concentration

of sensuality.


Liberation of the left out of the stigma of other’s failures.




Disorderly conduct as a method to question the status quo.


Hooliganism as textual discrepancy.



Courage and delicacy, determination and clarity.



Revolution of vulnerable.


(non)orthodox cross


«Words and things» Foucault


geometric construction


emperic reality


Entrance to the non-structured and to the depth. Rigidity of systematic connections and distances as a condition for procedurality of the system.


Cross - negation of negation, tautology of a line.


A word as a material



subject and as a subject of a discourse. From a vague thing to an embodied image. Sectarianism of a way of thinking. Actualization of geometry through corporal gesture. Dramaturgy of categories.





Chris Marker: Le fond de l’air est rouge

<And the God sent hunger, but not the hunger for food, but the hunger for word. And until this word - love - is not found, the revolution is not over>

Movement in a spiral contains simultaneously  linearity and changement.



White carnations as a presence of red in its absence.


Overcoming of difference (carnation - carne - flesh; red and corporal, nude).


Infinitive of identity as a possibility of freedom.


Love as an intention for change and a maxim. Liberate the revolution from blood. Poetics of left gesture. Left handshake - from the heart.




Making of not-quite-right, making of the wrong. Persistence of someone who isn’t praised. Revolution of the touching.






dedramatisation of performance.


Ceremonial of a mundane gesture. Banalization of ritual.


Liberation of victimhood.


Freedom to make decision not to participate in the common.


Responsibility for continuation, suspension and cease.



Persistence of repetition. Self-creation, self-copying. Return and presence.




Resistance to vanishing.


Lack of comfort for pedestrians in a city is a repressive condition to honor Sabbath.


Administrative phobia and panic




incapacity to fill a document

as a biological form of

protest and



When you are walking a dog, who’s walking who? 


Bargaining is the primary form of dialog.


To cross a square

go along three of its sides.


and then?


regard of the Other as sensation of own presence.

Point to point, pupil to pupil.



Dramaturgy of the question «and then?»:


through the linking word to the past, through the sign to the future.


Projection of the experience, dispersion of choice, gravity of expectation.



Hesitation as a sense of pause.



a face with a sewed up mouth

a face showing a tongue

Totalitarianism in indifference. Dialog in silence.


Transformation of the aggression of the graphograms on walls to concentration and tenderness.


Silence - is a ability to not pronounce. Not the silence itself, but the absence of sound, in which - possibility, intention, consciousness.


Dialectics of detachment. Distance of the researcher. Indifference, cruelty.


Transforming action through rationality. Segment dilemma: local improvement of a system as legitimization of the system. Revolution is love because both are about freedom.



Lion can lie with a sheep. Lion can and must lie with a sheep. But he cannot fuck him.   Unless it is a mutual agreement.


Regal and sacrificial.


Obligation, ability and possibility.


Is sacrifice denied by the agreement of the sacrified?



Systems of mutually exclusive regulations. Aphorism of social pact as a paradox.



Exception as a scenographic mechanism, position and social modeling. Gravamen of a charge creates continuity.



of victorious



General misanthropy. Immersion to folklore. Contemporary is in the change of distribution channels. The horse didn’t disappear, it changed meaning.


Annushka, spill the oil. Voland is coming. Come back, ass. You don’t run away from truth. 

Dispositif of fatal decision making: tossing a coin. Rosencrantz

and Guildenstern are neither dead nor alive. Hell as the absence of ability to feel.



by the end of the ACT II where the public was painting out the words and the signs on the walls with a white paint, the gallery turned back into initial white state. Though it bears traces of events: the memory of what was once an event