Piece for resistance

Others’ Dialogue On Revolution 







Opening: the performance - raw - as it was. As it is.

Image, projection, memory, text.

Video-document and growing dialog on walls.

Scream of presence. From polyphony - to din.

Phrases, words and symbols clutter, clamor, shout and fall.

The day of opening the map of itineraries of the Axis of Revolution became a map of individual  exclamations.

A  draft of ways of resistance. 






The day of the opening the pubic is proposed to write freely on walls of the gallery, while one of the walls is a place for projection of a 17-hours film, documentation of the performance. By making together with public individual speech acts through writing on walls of the gallery, I created mental texto-graphic document which had video-documentation of the Axe de Révolution as a reference. It expanded into a collective memory map and acquired the physical space of the gallery by transforming it into the space of a perpetual polyphonic dialogue.