for art

for money

and for dependency -

this is the one search

the search

to which

people give life,

this is the Grail

from which

as they say

the last thirst was stollen,

but in fact

and besides

and this changes the rite -

it extended

the throe


for the cup

is the gulp

and the gulp

is the hope

and the hope

is the throe



only when all hope is drained

one may head off to hell

and then

may come back

may go up


when all hope is drained

one can arise

and remain vagabond

who bums off

because why to possess

a shoe

with no legs

why to collect supplies

with no place


why to store

if there’s no us


life is a humpbacked percenter

the grave is his escort

its all on the dot

my marmot 

is with me

my crucified sprout

is with me


love believes all things and endures all things

and hopes all things

and if there are tongues, they will cease


but i have to add

only if they will cease

it will endure all things


until there’s hope

and word

love turns to excuse

love’s included to intake

’s digested

’s weighed

it becomes 

as brown winterish loan


like plain

casted down



and exists as a win

of a man over beast

of a man over man


distance is overpitched

but its there



of expectancies

all around storeys of fields

virgin soils upturned

for white hopes

from black dies


fancy that! 

only poor and slaves

are offering gifts.

those who are richer -

they sacrifice


fancy that!

developer is masked as a russian bride

give me heaven

hey mister

eat drink

this pink

no gluten


of party friends, of executives

of representatives of elites

of members of clergy

of art

and of white well groomed kids


wake up

et cetera wounded

et cetera killed


for dinars

the horizon’s built

the straight’s done

the hight’s raised

the honor’s pled


go, doughboy,

fight for this!

not for thank you

god no


it will all turn at once

to a fest in wastelands



faint flame

run over all,

smolder a hole

in the plain

to the elsewhere

from this right angled world

fly head to the south


to the core


let the all bright




the chimera -

the hope

turn to a bird

let the justification

be lost